Friday, February 04, 2005


PBS: Your tax dollars at work.
The episode, entitled "Sugartime," features a cartoon bunny visiting a maple sugar farm in Vermont run by a same-sex couple and their children.
Do not doubt, there is an advocacy force that has positioned themselves within the school system to steal your child's mind. Objective One: Liberal indoctrination under the guise of "Multiculturalism". Not even math is safe.

I continue to try my best to spread the word of what lingo these groups use to hide their true agenda. If you haven't read my personal story on how close my child came to these wackos, it can be found here.

Please do not confuse the issue with gay rights or what is considered natural or a choice. This is not the issue or point here. The issue is that parents should have the say as to when and how these issues will be explained to their children. The advocates want to take that choice and method away from the parents. I personally find the topic to be way out of bounds for FIVE year old children. Obviously PBS does not care about the sensibilities of parents.

I've often said it and I still stand by the position that PBS and NPR need to have every federal tax dollar axed from their budgets. They need to be forced to compete in the marketplace.