Thursday, February 03, 2005

Iraqi Election Day Miracle

My post this past Sunday on the Iraqi elections included an excerpt from an USAF surgeon, Major Chris, who is serving in Iraq. If you missed his comments, you should go read what he was doing during that particular day to help Iraqi civilians.

He has graciously provided great details from his unique perspective and participation in The War on Terror. With his permission, and as his time allows, I hope to post some of his thoughts/stories that he is experiencing and would like to share. Such as this:
One amazing thing that happened on election day: in the wee hours before polls opened, American soldiers on patrol found an Iraqi woman in labor who had gotten trapped outside after curfew and they brought her to our hospital. She gave birth in our theater hospital on the morning of elections to a healthy baby boy. Both have gone home in good condition.

For an Iraqi, what a glorious day to be born on! I'm sure his mother will recount many times to her son how the American military helped bring him into this world on the birthday of Iraq's new democracy. What a huge step in winning over those 'minds'.

Here is a pic of Major Chris:
Chris in rattle
Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.