Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Enjoying The Daily Show

In the past I've criticized Jon Stewart and The Daily Show for essentially being an extended mouthpiece of the DNC, at times reading directly from the Democrat's talking points. After a long, long wait, last night was Daily Show candy for conservatives. I've looked for any video or transcripts and none were up on their website. Stewart had to admit to his guest that, possibly, his entire view of the world was wrong, and if that is true, he just may have to implode on himself. He truly looked mystified that the Iraqi elections were such a success.

Well Jon, your world view has been completely wrong for a long time, but there may be hope for you yet. Especially since you were obviously questioning your belief system last night. The past two years you have believed the Democratic party lies and have become probably the most misinformed person in the United States, and sadly, with a national audience to spread the misinformation.

But hey, we can all forgive and move forward. Continue watching Iraq transform herself, as well as her neighbors, towards freedom and respect for individual rights. And when you've come to realize that Bush isn't as bad as you think, and that he was right about spreading freedom in the Middle East to protect us here at home, well I'm sure that you will be welcomed into the fold. The water is nice and warm here on the 'right of center' side of the aisle.

But hey, Who am I kidding? It was just one show....I will stay tuned to see if the turn to sanity continues.