Monday, January 31, 2005

"My Daughter, Maybe You.."

As the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz passed last week, this particular story got past our ever thoughtful, eagle eyed MSM. I think they were concerned with parkas or something. Anyway the linked story is profound and a certain tear jerker. Here's a taste:
"Why did they make me an orphan? What right did they have to kill my family? What right did they have to kill my people? Why did they burn my whole family here?" cried Miriam Yahav last Thursday from the podium at Auschwitz, at the ceremonies marking 60 years since the liberation of the extermination camp that she survived. "I stood here, naked, in the snow and the cold, a girl of 16. It was here that they brought my family and burned everyone. Here they took away my name and gave me a number instead. Here I became a number."

Yahav was not scheduled to speak at the ceremony, attended by heads of state from around the world.

"The night before [the ceremony] I could not sleep," Yahav tries to explain. "My whole life passed before me, I felt immense anger, and I wanted to shout. Then, when President Katsav got up to speak, without thinking much, I took off my coat and stood behind him. It was 15 degrees below zero, but I was not cold. I didn't feel anything, only the anger that had built up in my gut for 60 years. When the president finished speaking, I told him that I wanted to add a few words. He moved away from the microphone and I walked up to it and asked, Why? I wanted everyone to hear my cries, even though I knew that no one would give me an answer."(/snip)

Read the whole thing to understand the title of the post.

(Link via The Corner)