Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Flipping Hillary

Here we go folks, Hillary is definitely positioning herself for '08, and unfortunately for her, it looks like she took some notes from the one and only John Kerry.
ALBANY, Jan. 24 - Proposing new political language about abortion rights for the Democratic Party, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said today that friends and foes on the issue should come together on "common ground" to reduce the number of "unwanted pregnancies" and ultimately abortions, which she called a "sad, even tragic choice to many, many women."

Mrs. Clinton, in a speech to about 1,000 abortion rights supporters at the state Capitol, firmly restated her support for the Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion nationwide, Roe v. Wade. But then she quickly shifted gears, offering warm words to opponents of abortion - particularly members of religious groups - asserting that there was "common ground" to be found after three decades of emotional and political warfare over abortion.

"Common ground"...oh yeah, there's a lot of that on this issue. To try and play both sides of this issue is clearly intellectually dishonest and in the end this clearly will not work. The passions on this issue are way too high for a middle ground. Anyway, what 'middle ground' would be acceptable to anyone who believes life begins at conception? Hillary clearly does not 'get it'.

Oh yeah, Have I mentioned that if Hillary is the Dems nominee in 08, that I will become a maxed out contributer and the biggest activist for the Republicans that is allowed by law? Uuuugh!