Sunday, January 23, 2005

Blizzard Blogging

Too Much Snow?

How do you know when there is just way too much snow? When your 5 year-old looks out the window and says: "Mommy, there is no way I'm going out there!"

The wind is wicked-bad right now. (Note to non New Englanders: 'Wicked' is used often up here in place of the word 'really', ie, wicked-good, wicked-cold, get the idea.) Not only is it still continuing to snow, but the wind gusts are blowing the snow horizontally causing huge snow drifts.

What $20 will buy you in a blizzard:

Luckily we live off of a main artery that the snow plows have tried to keep clear. Last night around 2 A.M., my hubby was trying to make his way home from work and tried to park out on the street to get into the house. There was too much snow on the side street that leads to our driveway. A guy in a snow plow came by and told him that the city would tow his car and fine him if he parked there. So the guy offered to plow up to our driveway and clear a place for him to park.

My hubby asked: "How much is that going to cost me?"

Snow Plow guy: "How much money do you have on you?"

Hubby: "I've got 20 bucks in my wallet."

Snow Plow guy: "That'll do!"

My Attempt at Photo Blogging: (Maybe I'll get an InstaLaunch for using a digital camera! ;)
Note: All photos were taken through the window and with a Kodak EasyShare DX4330

This first photo is of a bush just one hour into the snowstorm from yesterday:


Next we have a picture of the same bush this morning:


Here, notice the snow drifts beneath the row of shrubs, there is a 2 foot stone wall there that is completely covered:


So, yes, we are all stuck inside today watching movies and playing. Thankfully we have plenty of hot chocolate and, most importantly to those under age 5, marshmellows.

UPDATE: Here is a couple walking down a main road. I can't imagine where they feel they must go right now. The snow has really picked up something fierce.

UPDATE II: Here are the boys in the snow later in the afternoon. The sun actually came out and we had a nice, clear, blue sky. Note that my smaller son is up to his chest. This snow was nothing but powder. I quickly realized that it was dangerous for them to be out in the yard in the snow drifts. At one point he was buried up to his armpits. So after pulling him out a few times, we quickly headed right back indoors!
Remember, we're from the south and are not use to this type of snowfall.