Sunday, January 23, 2005

Killing Babies in the U.K.

The joys of socialized medicine can be found here:
Charlotte Wyatt, who weighed just 1lb when she was born prematurely, was given only months to live after a hospital won the legal right last autumn not to resuscitate her if she stopped breathing.

Doctors secured the ruling, against the wishes of Charlotte’s parents, on the grounds that she was brain-damaged and it was in the baby’s own interests not to be resuscitated since it would prolong her suffering and would be “purposeless”.

Doctors expected that Charlotte, now 15 months old, would succumb to an infection that would prove fatal without emergency intervention. However, she has survived 3½ winter months since the ruling; there is also evidence that her breathing is becoming stronger and she is less dependent on an oxygen supply — an improvement confirmed by hospital sources. The family claims she has some sight and can hear clapping.

Yesterday Carol Glass, a friend of the Wyatts, said: “Doctors said Charlotte would not live to see her first birthday and that was months ago. The hospital then said she was unlikely to make it through the winter months, but we are now a good way through.
Can you imagine someone forcing you to let your baby just die? How powerless must a parent feel to visit their baby with a court-ordered "Do Not Resuscitate" sign above the crib.

Then there's this little tidbit: "Darren Wyatt is allowed to visit his daughter only if accompanied by a security guard."

I guess they're scared he might try to save his baby against their wishes. Just plain sick.

However, gentle reader, the U.K.'s new adoption of a society of death does not stop there. Oh no, no, no...Go read The Anchoress report on the trend of aborting babies with cleft palates in Britain.