Friday, January 14, 2005

The Campus Revolution

There is a revolution going on in our country and it is occurring on our college campuses. Via Real Clear Politics I came across this gem describing the revolution in detail. New programs and organizations are in place to fight the campus left. It is a little long, but well worth it to understand the climate college students are facing. Here's an example of how ridiculous the libs have made once-upon-a-time standard college courses:
The leftism that so angers these students includes the hey-ho-Western-civ-has-got-to-go theories that inform college courses from coast to coast. “In too many classrooms,” says former Reagan education secretary William Bennett, “radical professors teach their students that Western thought is suspect, that Enlightenment ideals are inherently oppressive, and that the basic principles of the American founding are not ‘relevant’ to our time.”

College course catalogs often read like satires. Want to study English lit at, say, Penn? Freshmen take introductory classes like “Secrecy and Sexuality in the Modern Novel,” taught by—no joke—Heather Love. In the course description, Dr. Love explains that “many of the books that we consider ‘great literature’ ”—the obligatory postmodern scare quotes signaling the supposed absurdity of the idea of aesthetic quality—“are noted as much for what they don’t say as for what they do.” Deconstructing Herman Melville and other dead white males, Dr. Love promises to uncover “what, if anything, they are hiding” about homosexuality, pederasty, and incest. That’s for first-year students. Dr. Love’s upper-level course “Theories of Gender and Sexuality” focuses on “reproductive rights; pornography, ‘sex work’ [prostitution in human-speak], and free speech; . . . and transgender activism,” among other themes that seem to have zilch to do with English lit. Other English majors get to explore “postcolonial literature” with Professor Cynthia Port, who relies on radical authors Edward Said and Frantz Fanon to “revise imperial narratives, challenge assumptions about identity and otherness, and scrutinize the politics of language.”

And a word from my hometown on the social pressures placed on students:
Some conservative students feel considerable pressure to “grow.” Jennifer Mickel, a pretty Princeton sophomore majoring in Near Eastern studies, is a Presbyterian from Monroe, Louisiana, and a moral traditionalist. She’ll drink a bit, but random hookups are a big no. And she gets flak for it. “Many of my girlfriends describe their sexual exploits in graphic detail and tell me that I need to get over my ‘penis fear,’ ” she confides. Many Princeton males, she says, expect sex, or at least “intimate preludes to it,” to follow a conversation and a dance—and certainly a bite to eat. “I just don’t understand how boys and girls alike can throw around intimate acts so lightly,” Mickel laments. Things are different back in Monroe, where the rules of courtship still apply (a point made to me about their hometowns by several southern students). Lots of students, she says, do eventually get into serious, almost-married relationships at Princeton, but these often grow out of “repeated hookups.” “Perhaps, in a way, it’s like a new kind of dating,” Mickel reflects wryly.
The indoctrination that has been occurring for years is unforgivable and it is nice to see that the beginning of the end of liberal dominance has arrived. It is just the beginning, with a long road ahead, but hey, you have to start somewhere.

If you think that this sort of thing is limited to college, you are sadly mistaken. I invite you to read about a High School student's battle with resisting the Noam Chomsky bile that was being taught in his classroom. And then of course, if you missed it, there is my very own experience with Charter School Perversion. Then there is Brain Washing 101 if you prefer to have the case laid out in movie format. There is no excuse for not being informed.

That's right parents, around every corner as early as pre-school, the educational system is set up to indoctrintate your child into something that may be against everything that you believe in, and unless you are active and paying attention, they will win. Actively protect your child's mind because the vultures are circling.