Thursday, January 13, 2005

See BS - My Take

Due to computer difficulties I did not comment on the RatherGate Investigation, sohere is a pretty good story that sums up the whole affair pretty nicely for those of you who have been living under a rock.

My observations of this whole affair is how terribly sad these people are. Trusting a tin-foil hat wearing maniac with your entire career shows how horribly blinded by vile hatred these people had become. Mary Mapes deserves to lose her career. Hitting rock-bottom is the only thing that may actually help her 'get mugged by reality'. Though, I doubt it. Mapes and Rather are lost causes. Remember that neither have ever admitted that the memos were fake. So sad.

They've lost it all due to blinding hatred.

The questions that remain are how many other times did Mapes and Rather knowingly lie to us to move forward the DNC agenda? Fair question these days. Only a major, major shake-up will even begin to build any type of credibility. However, establishing credibility would seem to start at admitting your faults and the obvious truths of the day.

So much for credibility.

UPDATE: Don't miss Charles Krauthammer's take on the whole affair.