Wednesday, December 29, 2004

What Bush Should've Said

From Bush's press conference today.
Asked about a U.N. official who accused Western nations of being "stingy" with humanitarian aid, Bush responded that the United States is a very generous, kind-hearted nation, and the response that is emerging from the government as well as individuals is indicative of its nature.

"I felt like the person who made that statement was very misguided and ill informed. Take, for example, in the year 2004, our government provided $2.4 billion in food, in cash, in humanitarian relief to cover the disasters for last year. That's $2.4 billion. That's 40 percent of all the relief aid given in the world last year," he said.
Now for what Bush should've said:
"I think that socialist asshat should pack up and get the hell out of our country. He is obviously an idiot that knows nothing of which he speaks. Next!"
Ahhhh....wouldn't that have been nice? I think the medias' heads would've spinned right off their necks at that moment.