Monday, December 27, 2004

Hating Dallas

Warning: Rant ahead....You have been advised.

Hate is a strong word. Such a strong word that I will not let my boys use the word, and I try to do the same. So why did I just feel the strong need to use it? Because frankly, it is just how I'm feeling right now. My hubby has this great job waiting for him in Dallas and we are moving there in 6 months. Dallas is a great, big beautiful city, but with a huge problem. Their schools suck. Not just a little, but a lot.

There is only one little public school oasis within 'the loop' in Dallas. The area: Highland Park. It is a beautiful, very old neighborhood. Matter of fact, we've been told it is the most desirable neighborhood in the city. Needless to say, that title brings tremendous real estate prices. Matter of fact: HUGE Real estate prices. So why don't we commute you ask? Well, my hubby could spend a few hours on the road commuting a day....but then there are those 5 call nights a month....if we live more than 15 or so minutes from the hospital, he will automatically be spending those nights in the hospital and not be able to come home at all.

What is really ironic about all of this is that TX does not have an income tax, but purely a property tax. So if we buy in Dallas rather than Highland Park, we will still pay outrageous property tax to fund those sucky schools and then we'll be forced to pay private school fees so that our kids will actually be able to read, write, and add a few numbers. See the outrage?

Not to mention, that if we buy house in Highland Park for a gazillion dollars, it will be a small house with a postage stamp sized yard. Forget a play room, office, or media room. Just the basic stuff....Am I still in college?

This April my hubby and I will celebrate our 10th wedding aniversary. I met him when he was a 2nd year surgical resident. We've been together through surgery residency, 4 years of Air Force, 2 years of basic science research and about to complete 2 years of a fellowship. This fellowship has been pure hell for all involved. My sons will go 3 - 4 days at a time not seeing their Dad. The next time the MSM does a story about residents or fellows being restricted to an 80 hour work week. Laugh and laugh loudly. Only on paper...that's all I can say.

The point here is that we've worked our tails off, have sacrificed, my son's never see their Dad, and now we're going to end up somewhere that has god-awful real estate prices, high property taxes and some of the worst schools around. I'm having a problem seeing this as a reality.

So where would I like to go? Thanks for asking. Well it just so happens that our hometown of Shreveport, LA has a tremendous need for a Pediatric Surgeon. Matter of fact, a lot of money (10's of millions) are being earmarked to open a children's hospital. What's the problem, right?? [Post Update] I've changed the rest of this post from the original due to a very fluid situation in Shreveport. I know that that is a blogging no-no, but well, right now our entire life-long future plans are a little bit more important. Just pray that God will open the doors and show us the right answer as to where he will like us to serve.

Anyway, did I say that I already hate Dallas????