Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Bush's Game

John Podhoretz has a great piece on the games of Washington and how George W. only plays by his rules:
After all, this is Washington, where the great sport is the getting of scalps, the forced sacrifice of reputations and jobs as atonement for policies that haven't gone perfectly.

The drumbeat starts. People say things on TV. They say things in op-eds. They are quoted by other people on TV and in op-eds. The drumbeat is relentless.

But the president is George W. Bush. And the one thing you can say about George W. Bush is that he doesn't like it when people try to make him act in accord with a growing conventional wisdom.

And so, yesterday morning, the president held a rare press conference that seemed to have little purpose — until he was asked about Rumsfeld. And on two occasions, the president practically lifted Rumsfeld on his shoulders and paraded him around the room with pride.
Ha, Ha, Ha...I just love W.!!! The elitist can't even trick themselves into the game. Up here in this Blue state, I see bumper stickers that I'm sure most of us have seen: "Somewhere in Texas, A village is missing their Idiot." Somehow I think the village idiots have gathered in Washington and New York and can't even figure out how to play.