Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A Tiny Miracle

This is simply amazing:
While thousands of people lost their lives when a tsunami hit the region, a 20-day-old baby survived, thanks to a floating mattress. 

“We were all caught off guard when the wave hit us. I was thrown several metres away but managed to hold onto one of the posts but my 12-year-old daughter was swept by the wave,” said A. Suppiah. 

Suppiah, 55, said his wife, Annal Mary, 40, braved the strong wave to open the room door to save their baby. 

“I thought I had lost both my daughters but thank God the mattress was floating in about 1.5m of water and my baby was crying. My other daughter, Kanchana somehow managed to get to her feet and run to safety,” said Suppiah who injured his right ankle. 
How much more tightly will this mother hold her daughters for the rest of their lives? I would have a hard time ever letting go again.