Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Military Knows

If you haven't read John Podhoretz yet today, you should go now:
The military wants to fight this war. Democrats don't. How long before Democrats decide that our men and women in uniform are just extensions of the president and party they detest — a bunch of warmongering, bloodthirsty and stupid imperialists?

Democratic Party bottom-feeders — like the odd and unpleasant people who inhabit the comments sections on Web sites like and — have already long since started spewing their bile at our soldiers, sailors and Marines.

Soon, however, the bottom feeders may rise to the surface, just as they did during the Vietnam War. These will be underground opinions no longer.

The good news is that the world has changed since the 1960s. Last week, when The New York Times shamefully tried to resuscitate the Vietnam-era leftist fantasy about tens of thousands of crazed war vets returning to haunt our shores here at home, conservative media voices gave it but good to the Old Grey Lady.

If they really want to fight a culture war rather than this just war to advance democracy and retard Islamofascism, we're more than ready for them.
Yep! Everyday the blogosphere grows and we are ready to fight the MSM and expose their true motives. The lies and distortions will not work this time. I am proud to be a teeny, tiny microbyte microbe in this fight. Bring. It. On.