Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Blogger's Hell

OK, for a brief moment tonight, that felt like a lifetime, I lost every post on my blog. The feeling of seeing 3 months of hard work and passion just simply vanish into thin air can not be articulated at this time. It was a very scary few minutes for me. I guess scary is little over board, but I was feeling a little queasy.

All of this occurred while I was trying to publish a post that is lost forever! Which is A. OKay by me. While the post was in the process of publishing I received a weird error message with my screen full of computer code that I've never seen before. So after backing out of the message, I continued trying to publish the post which at first looked as if it had successfully published. As I was viewing my post on the web page, I noticed that it was a very lonely post on a lonely page. I then scrolled down to the archives listing on the side-bar and all that was listed was December. It should have started with September and so on. At this point I knew that I had entered into a dark, lonely blogger hell.

I hope that this does not happen again or to anyone else. If it does, contact me and I'll walk you through what I did to recover all of my previous posts.

We blogspotters need to stick together!