Saturday, October 16, 2004

Movie Review: FahrenHYPE 9/11

I went shopping today & made an impulse purchase. I went to Sam's to pick up some lightbulbs and came out with FahrenHYPE 9/11. It was only $8.88 and I thought that after I watch it , that I'll give out to as many people as possible. Right next to it was Moore's propaganda piece for $18.88; if they were selling that trash for $0.25 I would never buy it. I have vowed to never put a penny in Moore's pocket. I have read many extensive reviews of Moore's movie (F 9/11), to the point where I feel like I've seen the movie. If you would like to read a scene by scene debunking of the movie, just look over to my sidebar under "Must Reads" and you will find a direct link to an impressive article.

Now to FahrenHYPE 9/11. I just finished watching it and thought it was incredible. FahrenHYPE 9/11 takes the major misleading subjects covered in F 9/11 and shows you how MM misrepresents the facts.

Money Quote from the movie (Ron Silver): "You give me enough footage of Michael Moore in enough situations, I can make him look like an anorexic right winger."

I thought it was a brilliant piece of work. A very thoughtful and methodic debunking of Moore's movie. Most memorable: 1) They interviewed the principal from the Florida elementary school along with alot of the raw media footage that I'd forgotten about. It really took me back to that morning. She was very well spoken and explained how Bush's actions in that room was more than appropriate, and how in that moment, he convinced her that he was up to the challenge of what had just happened. Also interesting, was the fact that the media, that day, never spoke a single word criticizing Bush's actions in the classroom. 2) A very powerful interview with a young soldier who lost both of his arms in Iraq. He had also appeared in Moore's movie. He is not happy at all about his appearance in F 9/11. He was not even aware he was in the propaganda piece until people on the street started telling him that they saw him in the movie. How did MM leave this young man feeling? The soldier's word: "Violated." 3) A family of a fallen soldier was also interviewed. This was the soldier who's funeral was being held in Arlingtion Cemetery that Moore violated by using footage without the family's permission. They were absolutely outraged that their fallen soldier's sacrifice was now being memorialized in a propaganda movie. They stated how this went completely against what this brave fallen soldier stood for and believed in. This is why folks, it is more than appropriate that the Pentagon does not release photos of fallen soldier's coffins. Vile people such as MM will take the photos (along with our media) and exploit their deaths for political gain, or worse, for propaganda. GET IT!!!?????

This was a great film. I recommend that you buy it so that you can lend it out to your friends who may not be as enlightened as the rest of us news junkies.

God Bless.