Saturday, October 16, 2004

Premier: Liberty Rising

This is an email I received from the most kick-a$$ group on the web. These guys are the real deal and their actions are courageous. Here's the e-mail:
LIBERTY RISING live premiere

Sunday, 10.17.04, 8:00pm Texas time, liberty will rise, as ProtestWarrior debuts our new film chronicling our battle against the Left at the RNC.

An hour long, you'll see the true fascist, violent nature of anti-war protesters, and how they respond when confronted with truth. You're about to see what happens when you take their principles all the way. It's not a pretty sight.

In conjunction with our good friends at TheRightWay , we're piping this out on a server utilizing a new technology that allows for quality live internet broadcasting. The film will run from 8pm to 9pm CST, and will be followed with a live video interview with Kfir and Alan, where we'll take your questions and talk about, oh I don't know, Liberty Rising?

You'll be required to register with a credit card to pay a $3 fee (to cover the bandwidth costs) for your all-access pass, and as always PW policy is to never sell your info to anyone and never send you ads. The film will be available in three separate streams: T1, DSL and dialup. We'd like to strongly recommend that you watch this on broadband, and with a good sound system. For the bandwidth impaired, look for a screening party going on in your area. Check with your local chapter at HQ, or use the Command and Control section of our Forum for finding or hosting a screening party. This will be a great way to meet fellow liberty-lovers in your area.

Go here for detailed instructions on getting your ticket, and we've uploaded 'Crashing the Protests' (our first 7 minute film of March 2003 that started it all), which you can use to test settings and confirm that you have the latest versions of all the requisite software. Liberty Rising will be available in all formats for free download on Monday, but you won't want to miss the live premiere Sunday night when we first introduce it to the world. It'll be a night you're sure to remember.

Get ready for LIBERTY RISING. Set your expectations to HIGH.

-Kfir & Alan

These guys are the best. I've exchanged e-mail with Kfir and without a doubt, these are some of the smartest people around. They also back up their opinions with actions. Go to their website and learn how awesome this group is for yourself. And watch this movie. I've seen some raw clips from the RNC protest and it put chill bumps down my spine. I will be watching for sure.