Thursday, October 14, 2004

My Thoughts On The Debate

First off, without a doubt, Bush did great last night. He was human, had great humor, and again, stated facts and statistics in a commanding manner. Kerry fell into a monotone voice, that I don't know who could pay attention to for long. The bags under his eyes were pronounced and he looked tired and defensive. But Kerry did manage to get one thing accomplished last night-- He used an unwilling woman as a political prop.

This goes to my argument that Kerry does not care who he hurts, as long as he nets a political gain or adavantage. Like campaigning against our allies in Australia, slamming our newest ally, PM Allawi from Iraq, or using Dick Cheney's daughter in a shameless, crass fashion for his own gain. Oh yes, and don't forget that he lied about and slandered an entire generation of veterans as they remained fighting, dieing and being held POW. The man has no core.

Last night's gaffe was so incredibly stupid. It was stupid when Edwards did it in the Vice Presidential debate and it was more stupid for Kerry. Why the DNC advisors did not see this when Edwards did it, I don't know...Can these people be so blind with hate that the obvious has become so obscure to them?....I don't know what they would be able to see straight at this point, which should scare you. This gaffe was monumental, as it should be. I've heard that focus groups outwardly gasped when they heard it, as did I. And as I was revolted by his disregard for the privacy of this woman, I have to wonder how the homosexual community feels about this. This was dirty, dirty, dirty....and America saw it for exactly what it was: Possibly one of the cheapest, most blatant attempts at political gain that many of us have ever witnessed. No one needed a pundit or fact-checker to tell them what to think about this one.