Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Free speech is only for Libs

There is a lot of news today on the DNC trying to prevent a broadcasting company from airing a documentary about John Kerry. This documentary is based on POWs and their stories. These people, beyond everyone else, has earned the right to tell their story. I posted recently on Kerry's Biggest Mistake. What he did to an entire generation of veterans is criminal. He has never had to answer for his wreckless behavior. Did he think that it would all just go away? I can't figure it out. be honest with you, I guess I can. He has been sheltered and told he was better than everyone elso all of his life. He has never had to work for one thing. And to top it off the lunatics in Massachusetts kept putting the goof in office. Over and over again. Just like Teddy Boy. Well thanks alot MA. Thanks for keeping the Kerry dream alive and now we must all deal with this self-absorbed loser. I just pray we never have to deal with him as president. Link here to read an excellent round-up on whats going on with this story on Instapundit. Bigger brained people than myself are weighing in and have some excellent points.