Sunday, October 10, 2004

A Word on Polls

As the election nears polls are coming out by the handful. Unfortunately, the media was very busy in September setting Kerry up for an October come back, and few people will see it for what it is. In September many polls were over sampling Republicans giving Bush those 11 and 12 point leads. Well now in October they are starting to oversample Democrats. Hence, they have manufactured a Kerry comeback in the polls. This link is an in-depth dissection of one of the most screwed up polls to come out recently, Ipsos. Due to its methodology, it is a completely invalid poll. In the science world, every clinical research paper is thoroughly dissected and evaluated to make sure the claims are true and unbiased. Unfortunately, journalist has no such review of polls before parrotting the results on the air. Go and read the link to find out how obscene some of these polls are being conducted. Also note that the partner on this poll was the Associated Press. Enough said.