Saturday, October 09, 2004

Howard Wins!!

If you have been reading this blog you may remember that I posted recently on John Kerry's sister campaigning against John Howard in Australia. Well, today Mr. Howard has won re-election. Not just a victory for Howard, but it looks real good for Bush too.

Now how do you suppose, that if Kerry is elected (God forbid), he will be able to deal with Howard? Britain gets alot of the 'ally limelight', but don't be fooled, Australia has always been on our side and has fought with the US more often and consistently than any other nation. Kerry is an embarrassment to us all and let this be a lesson for everyone, this is exactly why you don't go to other countries and make a horse's ass of yourself campaigning for a particular candidate. The other guy just might win!

And thank God today that John Howard did win. He understands what it takes to win against terrorist. The other guy would have pulled a 'Spain' on us. Which is exactly why is was so important that Howard won. Why didn't John Kerry know this? Why do you think John Kerry actively campaigned against one of staunchest allies in the war on terror?

It is a pity that our MSM will never ask these questions of a Presidential candidate, and yet I haven't a day of journalistic training.