Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hurricane Katrina's Timeline

John Cross at Drumwaster has an excellent, excellent post detailing the exact timeline of the actions of the various politicians as it relates to the initial predictions of Katrina hitting NO and to what then followed. All the facts are linked for you to click away. Here's a sample:
However, on the local level, the whole thing broke down. The civil infrastructure broke down. The fabric of New Orleans broke down. That isn’t the fault of the President, or the Governor, but Mayor Nagin. His leadership, and lack thereof, led to the incapacitation of the NOPD, and showed the true characteristics of local New Orleans politics. It was the opposite of 9-11, where that mayor charged into the center of it all in order to rally his safety forces. Nagin failed to act in a timely manner, and was immediately overwhelmed by the situation. he couldn’t handle it emotionally or politically, and he had spent much of the last week attacking other politicians and entities, then awkwardly praising them.
Read the WHOLE thing. GO NOW!!

No one needs to restate the long reputation of Louisiana and politics. Well this is what you get when the corruption and lack of accountability is allowed to run free.

I can remember during one of the many governor elections when Edwin Edwards was running again, a reporter quoted him in the paper as saying, "The only way I won't be elected governor is if I'm found in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy."

Louisiana went on to elect him governor. He was elected for a total of FOUR terms.

Go figure.

(Link found via Lee at Right-Thinking)