Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina Update

Here is a sobering update on the total devastation and chaos that New Orleans has become. There is no law or order and sounds like a very dangerous place to be right now. Complete martial law needs to be declared and the city needs to be flooded with Federal troops to take it back.

Looting has become a huge problem:
New Orleans' homeland security chief, Terry Ebbert, said looters were breaking into stores all over town and stealing guns. He said there are gangs of armed men moving around the city.

The Times-Picayune newspaper reported that the gun section at a new Wal-Mart in the Lower Garden District had been cleaned out by looters.

Gunshots were heard throughout the night in Carrollton.

Police spokesman Marlon Defilo said an officer and a looter were wounded in a shootout. Defilo had no word on their condition. Three or four others were also arrested, he said.

One looter shot and wounded a fellow looter, who was taken to a hospital and survived.

Staff members at Children's Hospital huddled with sick youngsters and waited in vain for help to arrive as looters tried to break through the locked door, Blanco spokeswoman Denise Bottcher told the newspaper. Neither the police nor the National Guard arrived.
That's bad folks. Real bad.

And now gasoline is being rationed to the stations. Yep! I'm keeping my car full.

I felt guilty all day going through my normal routine, taking care of errands, getting the boys off to school....there's a lot of folks who would love to be doing their regular routine right now. Think about that when you take your hot shower, brush your teeth or use a clean toilet. It's those little things that make us all feel 'normal' that we all take for granted.