Saturday, May 14, 2005

Live Blogging Notice

What: Rocco Dipippo of the Autonomist will be in D.C. on Saturday to attend and report on the Muslim March Against Terrorism.
When: 1-4 pm e.s.t.
Where: KelliPundit will be posting for Rocco at The Autonomist.
Background Info: Muslims' Unheralded Messenger:
Promoted as the first Muslim-led public demonstration against terrorism in the nation's capital, this rally is seen by some as an overdue response to the nagging public perception, right or wrong, that American Muslims have been too hushed in their criticism of Islamic extremists.
Rocco hopes to have an interview with the organizer, so stay tuned...

Come on over and check it out!

UPDATE: Rocco has also posted on the rally at Moonbat Central. He is in place on the ground and the reports will be coming in. Check it out at The Autonomist.