Thursday, December 16, 2004


Cry me a river:
"We call it the giving tree because it's meant as a season of giving and that's what it's for," explained Patrice Cole, who just made a donation.

The tree is adorned with requests for gifts from needy families.

It generates nearly $25,000 dollars worth of donations.

So, you might be surprised that Sidney Stock would look at this tree and say, "I resent it."

Sidney and Jennifer Stock are atheists.

They asked the city council to remove the tree because it represents Christmas which is a Christian holiday.

Stock says city hall should "Act as a place where everybody feels welcome. It is impossible for everybody's religious belief to be displayed and non-religious belief to be displayed, so therefore, no religious beliefs be displayed."

The courts already sided with the city on this one.

Barbara Ramey, spokesperson for the city explained. "Courts have ruled that Christmas trees are actually a secular symbol so given that, we are within the court precedents set on this issue," says Ramey.

The Stocks complained after a city worker told them the tree makes him feel out of place, and if he says so, he fears for his job.

The couple's already gotten hate filled phone calls, but they speak out anyway, because they believe many people feel the way they do but stay silent.

"There are a lot of people who've come to this country, maybe have been here for years, who don't feel freedom to say anything," says Jennifer Stock. "So we feel we're saying it for those people. Not just for ourselves."(emphasis mine)
First off, these jerks need something to do. Second off, if you look at the bolded statement, anyone with a brain should realize that you can not, Yes, I said CAN NOT EVER make everybody happy all of the time. This circular logic would only make sense to a bunch of atheist who clearly need hobbies. I have never, no never, been offended by other people's religious symbols. Candles for Hanukah? Not offended. Catholic rosary? Not offended. A nun's habit? Not offended.

A Nun's that brings up an interesting question. According to these atheist's logic, a nun volunteering in a state run hospital would need to be banned from the premises? No? The stupidity of man never ceases to expand.