Sunday, December 12, 2004

Get Perspective

So if you've been down on all the fascism in the U.S. lately, this should provide some perspective:
New Delhi - A young couple from a village in the eastern Indian state of Bihar were stripped, tonsured, flogged and driven out of the village for daring to get married, it was reported on Sunday.

Galo Kumari, 19, and Bishnu Naik, 22, of Khunti village ironically belong to different sects of the same tribal caste. Galo's family are traditional tribal priests, while Naik belongs to a "lower" caste of the same tribe, the Times of India newspaper reported.

The police said at least 300 villagers from Khunti looked on helplessly on Thursday as male members of Galo's family and some village council members rained blows on the young couple after they were stripped, tortured and made to run several kilometres.

Her tonsured head covered by a shawl and eyes swollen from sleepless nights, a tearful Galo said her only fault was that she had fallen in love and married someone from a different caste.

Oh yes, we are so oppressed and tortured here in the U.S.