Saturday, December 11, 2004

Where Did That Bush Doctrine Go??

Cox and Forkum again has a brilliant cartoon and post asking the simple question: Why in the heck is Bush paying off terrorists??? They quote Charles Johnson of LGF:
It's amazing how nobody in the world wants to hold Palestinian society responsible for anything. Their economy is devastated because of four years of senseless violence, all right -- perpetrated by the Palestinians, in spite of a historic peace offer from Israel.

For a people who talk endlessly about having their own state, they have done almost nothing positive, on their own, to achieve it. The world has given them countless billions of dollars, much of which vanished into anonymous bank accounts, and the Palestinian people have nothing to show for it. Why are we giving them another huge handout?
It's like giving an alcoholic more alcohol to continue the unhealthy addiction, and then wondering why they won't quit drinking. Be sure to go to the LGF link to see the sick picture of what the Palestinians were up to last month, but only on a steady stomach....

And if you're wondering about the Bush Doctrine referred to in the title, check out my "must reads" on the side bar and link to WW IV for a comprehensive paper on this most important issue.