Thursday, December 09, 2004

Mineta Must Go!!

With all of the cabinet 'resignations' you'd think Bush would get rid of a true dinosaur. On this point, I completely disagree with Bush. Norm Mineta may not be much of a newsmaker, but he certainly should not hold a position where he gets to make decisions concerning my safety or anyone elses. Michelle Malkin has an excellent post compiling what has been written about this incompetent cabinet member and also quotes his words, so go learn what an idiot he is.

Then to make the case in point, head on over to HunterByrd's Place and read how disgraceful the TSA is treating some of our female travelers. Not only is it time for the TSA to stop feeling up our grandmothers, but it is time for some common sense to enter this equation of Airport Security. An equation that has no room for PC thinking that has been exhibited by Norm Mineta.