Saturday, December 11, 2004

What It Is All About

As Christmas is upon us, I want to remind everyone the reason for the season:

Nativity Scene

I read on another blog, I can't remember where, the correct sentiment: "Christ=Christmas; No Christ=No Holiday Season."

It really is that simple folks.

My youngest son had the great priviledge to play baby Jesus in our Church's Christmas production. It was 2001 and he was about 6 weeks old. He almost got bumped for the gig because at 4 weeks of age he spent 5 nights in the hospital for viral meningitis. I can not tell you how difficult it is to put your baby's name and meningitis in the same sentence. It took months before I could talk about the incident without a huge lump in my throat. But we persevered and this mommy made sure he kept his leading role. He was healthy and ready for the part!

UPDATE: In the spirit of Christmas and for the love of our soldiers, don't dare forget these guys. Grab a tissue and watch some of the most moving/uplifting photos from the war zone. On a lesser note, if you love photography you will love this link. (Kudos to INDC Journal for the link)