Friday, November 12, 2004

Travel Advice for Blue Blue-Staters

Here's some wonderful relocation advice for all those blue-staters who are looking to move out-of-country to show us Bush-voters just how mad they are! World's smallest violin: Start now please!
The bottom line is Bush-voters terrify Bush-haters. After all, they go to church. Or, worse, they don't go to church and are untroubled by co-conservatives who do. According to blue-state logic (hysteria), this means religious fanaticism is ascendant, theocracy is inevitable, and Manhattan is expendable. Really. "Maybe the guys in power want us to be attacked," writes James Atlas in New York Magazine, which I guess is supposed to add whimsy to his grotesque observations: "What better way to get rid of all those noisome New Yorkers than to have an al-Qaeda dirty bomb explode in Grand Central at rush hour?"
A death worse than fate, maybe. But not for Bush-haters, some considerable number of whom regard Mr. Bush's re-election as being a calamity greater than the attacks of September 11. To which I say: Go. Leave. Be ex-patriates. But not just in somewhat "progressive" New Zealand, recently downgraded from American "ally" to American "friend." And not in more "progressive" Canada, where some provinces already sanction same-sex marriage and marijuana use. Only the best for our blue-state losers, only the most progressive haven in the world. I want to see all Americans who feel compelled to up and leave these United States because George W. Bush won the 2004 election emigrate to Holland.
Nothing against dear Holland, mind you, home to professor-politician Pim Fortuyn and moviemaker-provocateur Theo van Gogh, two heroic martyrs in the war on Islamic terrorism, which is, by the way, real religious fanaticism. I can think of no better remedy for our frivolously, childishly disaffected fellow-citizens than to experience the progressive's dream — the permissive welfare state where traditional vice has become a civic virtue in same-sex marriage, euthanasia, and legalized drugs — as it turns into the democrat's nightmare. Due to massive Islamic immigration over the past several decades — immigration that has brought the repressive teachings of sharia into soon-to-be Muslim-majority Dutch cities — it is Holland, not America, where religious fanaticism is ascendant, theocratic dictatorship is really a possibility and Manhattan is definitely expendable. Amid the tulips, the windmills and the jihadist mosques, Holland now contends with the same murderous forces of reaction that American and Iraqi troops face in Fallujah.
That is the reality behind the vicious assassination last week of Theo van Gogh. An outspoken, even profane, critic of Islamic practices and teachings — and a great-great-grandson of Vincent van Gogh's brother — Mr. van Gogh, 47, was shot to death in broad daylight and very nearly beheaded where he fell in an act of ritual murder previously unimaginable on an Amsterdam street. His Dutch-Moroccan Muslim assassin's "reason"? Mr. Van Gogh had recently directed "Submission," a 10-minute film written by ex-Muslim and Dutch parliamentarian Hirsi Ali, that is harshly critical — as we all of us should be — of the abuse and subjugation of women under Islamic law. A five-page letter in Dutch, stabbed into the slain man's chest with a knife, was addressed to Ms. Ali, stating, "This letter is — insha Allah (Allah willing) — an attempt to impose silence on your evil once and for all." Ms. Ali, 34, a duly elected representative of a Western democracy, now lives amid a phalanx of bodyguards, as do several other Dutch leaders threatened in the letter.
About this our blue-state fantasists say nothing. Obsessed with the majorities by which American voters freely and peacefully declared not only that George W. Bush should remain president and finish Fallujah, but also that marriage should be restricted to a man and a woman, they rant about W's "jihad in America" (Maureen Dowd), and rave about philosophical overlap between American conservatives and Islamic terrorists (Garry Wills). This is morally depraved.
Hey Blue-staters: You do know that you can buy airline tickets on-line, right? Very easy, very convenient. Have fun!