Friday, November 12, 2004

Debunking the "Bigoted Christian Redneck"

Charles Krauthammer tackles the myth set forth by delirious east/west coast liberals to cope with their electoral loss. It must be very hard for these spoiled, self-centered brats to realize, I guess for the first time, that no one really cares what they think. Again, the name for this is Bush Derangement Syndrome, a disorder first recognized by Charles as well.
Plus ca change ... Ten years and another stunning Democratic defeat later, and liberals are at it again. The Angry White Male has been transmuted into the Bigoted Christian Redneck.

In the post-election analyses, the liberal elite, led by the holy trinity of the New York Times -- Paul Krugman, Thomas Friedman and Maureen Dowd -- just about lost its mind denouncing the return of medieval primitivism. As usual, Dowd achieved the highest level of hysteria, cursing the Republicans for pandering to "isolationism, nativism, chauvinism, puritanism and religious fanaticism" in their unfailing drive to "summon our nasty devils."

Whence comes this fable? With President Bush increasing his share of the vote among Hispanics, Jews, women (especially married women), Catholics, seniors and even African Americans, on what does this victory-of-the-homophobic-evangelical voter rest?

Charles goes on to debunk the 'moral values got Bush elected' myth.


Ah, yes. But the fallback is then to attribute Bush's victory to the gay marriage referendums that pushed Bush over the top, particularly in Ohio.

This is more nonsense. George Bush increased his vote in 2004 over 2000 by an average of 3.1 percent nationwide. In Ohio the increase was 1 percent -- less than a third of the national average. In the 11 states in which the gay marriage referendums were held, Bush increased his vote by less than he did in the 39 states that did not have the referendum. The great anti-gay surge was pure fiction.

This does not deter the myth of the Bigoted Christian Redneck from dominating the thinking of liberals and infecting the blue-state media. They need their moral superiority like oxygen, and they cannot have it cut off by mere facts. Once again they angrily claim the moral high ground, while standing in the ruins of yet another humiliating electoral defeat.

Until the left can get past this foolishness, they will go on to lose more elections. Most sane persons now recognize that the "Micheal Moore" wing of the party probably cost Kerry the election, but they still continue with this rhetoric. Keep it up guys, because every time you say it and print it, the other side gain votes.