Monday, October 18, 2004

CA Taxpayers getting Pick-Pocketed

As a healthcare professional, I must critically evaluate medical literature practically everyday. One of the first question we ask ourselves when looking at a clinical study is "Who funded the study?". Taxpayers should apply this same practical question to propositions looking for money. Link here to read an article about how Californians are about to get pick-pocketed to the ring of about 3 billion dollars. For what? Embryonic stem cell research of course. Here's the problem: There is a massive conflict of interest: The same people who are pushing the proposition are who it will make very rich.

Of course this is the claim in the ad promoting the proposition to the public: "If the promise of stem cell research comes true, we can hope for a single treatment with the right stem cells to cure diseases every family has."

This disgusting lie continues....