Sunday, April 03, 2005

Paid Protesters

The other day I freely admitted to watching MTV's new show PowerGirls. Well last night while watching episode 4 I was able to witness something that I've only heard about and read about play out before my eyes. One of the girls, Kelly, is a wannabe model/actress that goes to this modeling gig she's been booked for for months, stating that she was told it was a lingerie shoot for a new line. Well girlfriend gets there and it is not the type of photo shoot she was hoping for. It was an outright protest exhibition, and from what I could gather, for this group. So this Kelly chick is really upset because the media are there taking pictures of them holding these stupid signs; it even shows them being coached on what to chant. A lady with a bullhorn says something like: "If you forget what to chant, just look on the back of someone's t-shirt and it is right there." There's some passionate people for ya.

I couldn't believe it, but there it was in front of me being documented by MTV no less! Not just paid protesters though, but unsuspecting paid protesters. She was quite upset that she had taken off from a real job to end up protesting something she knew nothing about.