Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Mindless Blogging

Taking a break from all the serious stuff, I've decided to share what television shows I've found interesting lately. Now you have to understand that I've been out of the T.V. game for a long time, but recently I've returned to enjoy some truly mindless entertainment.

Reality shows: I have to admit, the other night the opener of "The Bachelor" was really good! I usually hate this show. I'm always so embarrassed for the women. Where is the self-respect? Well I'm over that. Best part of the show that is different this season, and IMHO makes the show much better, is that they're trying to depart from the usual format. This time around, rather than evening gowns and limos, the girls had 5 minutes notice to get up, get ready and get to the hotel ballroom before the doors would be locked. It was great. A lot of them had no make-up and were wearing PJs. The other great change: No rules. The claws have come out on this show like no other. The rose ceremonies look like they are going to be an all out free for all. Based on the first show, I highly recommend it.

The other show that I've been hooked on is "PowerGirls" on MTV. This one is about 5 (?) girls in Manhattan who work for a big time PR firm handling high profile club openings and celebrity parties. I like this one because they really have to work and get a job done.

Oh yeah, there's a lot of clawing in that one too.

So this is some of the mindless entertainment that I admit to watching. So what's your guilty pleasures?