Monday, March 28, 2005

Furr Responds

To his students that is. Rocco has a letter that Grover Furr distributed to his students in response to this FrontPage column and this post that is much more detailed exposing Furr's pro-Stalin ideology. Since the column published the heat is on and Furr has found himself the subject of the college paper and editorials.

Here's a taste of Grover Furr's writings, Seeking Opposition to the War in Afghanistan, that draws parallels between the 9/11 terrorists and the US led war in against the Taliban:
In this criminal war, the US is already killing civilians. Remember the term "collateral damage"? Now the US killers don't know what to call the civilian casualties. Yes, US killers; if the suicide terrorists of 9/11 were killers, then the US government are killers too. Civilian deaths are the inevitable result of any bombing campaign against populated areas.

What we are seeing in Afghanistan is typical imperialist slaughter of people in a non-industrialized country for profit. It's murder on a grand scale, as only the largest and most technologically sophisticated military in the world --the US military--can do it. And it has just begun.

This story is growing and I recommend that you go check out AntiProtester Journal often to keep up with the latest. As you learn about this 'professor', remember that he is brought to you by tax-payer dollars. Yes, he takes his paycheck from the same government that he despises.

Now go read that letter.