Monday, March 21, 2005

Socialism 101

On Saturday I was at a rally that freely expressed support for Socialism. How many times have you heard a person, some of them business owners, make socialist supporting statements? They don't call them that, but it pretty much fits the bill. A frequent example: "They [professional athletes] should not be allowed to make that kind of money. Look at how many poor people there are. It's just ridiculous." Sure, I find it true that salaries of celebrities and athletes are ridiculous, but there is a reason for it. It is what the market will bear and it would not be possible if the society did not support it. I would never change it and don't even think the people saying these things realize they are supporting a socialist concept...or maybe they do?

The NY Post takes a look at how disinformation continues to resurrect the socialist cause around the world, even in the face of its disastrous history leading to a few hundred million murders and generations of poverty:
If people knew the real history of all the socialist experiments and its flawed theory, very few (other than the delusional or mean-spirited) would be socialists. People do not know the history of socialist disasters because the educational establishment and much of the news media have engaged in a massive cover-up. The large majority of teachers throughout the world are government employees or depend on government grants. All too many are thus understandably hostile to the idea government enterprises do not work as advertised and, hence, reluctant to both teach and allow materials in the classroom that show the socialist model neither works in practice or theory. Surveys in the U.S. and elsewhere show the overwhelming majority of professors and public school teachers are on the left side of the political spectrum, so one should not be shocked they hesitate to teach history and theory that show their self-interested ideology is a failure.

Much of the electronic media in the world are either owned or controlled by governments. In the U.S., National Public Radio (NPR) provides a steady diet of the alleged failures of those in the private sector, with scant mention of the endless failures of socialist undertakings, let alone the reasons. Many NPR stations are now airing the BBC in part to further propagandize Americans in the socialist way of thinking. (Most Americans do not realize the government-owned BBC is increasingly monopolizing the broadcast media in Britain and, particularly, news to the benefit of the left.)

You must read the whole thing. Your brain will be bigger for it and you'll recognize the lies a little easier.