Thursday, March 10, 2005

Nightmare on Dem Street

What is probably the one thing that Democrats fear the worst? Without a doubt, the continued hemorrhaging of the African-American vote from their party. These graphs put it in perspective:
Polls show 60 percent of African-Americans support school choice vouchers to get their kids out of failing public schools. Mr. Bush's emphasis on small-business ownership also resonates very strongly among upwardly mobile blacks, as does the chance to build a bigger retirement nest egg in Social Security personal investment accounts.

Mr. Mehlman's offensive has the potential to make significant inroads into the Democrats' once largely monolithic black vote, Miss Brazile says. "The GOP is preaching a new gospel to black voters yearning for answers" to age-old problems that still afflict their community. "Once they start listening to Republicans, some may even like what they hear." (Emphasis Mine)

And that is the key difference in the two political parties that is swaying voters. One has an inclusive, progressive message and the other - as evidenced by the past election - is hung up on old ideas and a lot of hatred. Guess who's winning?

Hat tip to PoliPundit via the regular commenter Jeannette.