Saturday, March 05, 2005

My Life Update

Sorry for the non-posting days...lots going on. We are now deep into the planning stages for our near cross country move...OK, OK - north to south move. House hunting via the internet is a lot better than what I've had in the past, but still not the same as being there of course. We've owned 2 prior homes and have always had to buy on the fly with about one week to pick out a house. I was hoping to move into my final home with this move, which proves to be much more difficult this time around. Long distance again, and a relatively narrow selection. We're hoping that as March passes the market will get more active.

As a side-note: If you live in a beautiful older home in a historic district and it hasn't been updated since 1976, *ahem*, go ahead and pull that yellow wallpaper down and invest in some paint. I can't tell you how many beautiful "from the outside" homes I've looked at and will not buy because the thought of updating EACH AND EVERY room is just overwhelming. I'm just saying is all...

Needless to say, HGTV has become my passion. If anyone can tell me how to get on Kenneth Brown's new show, let me know. Him and Candice Olson are two of the most amazing designers I've ever seen and well, they've made house hunting quite difficult. I want my new house to look like they decorated it!

Today is March fifth and Spring is officially here in 15 days! It can not get here fast enough for us. I know that it will still be cold after the 20th, but I've gotta have something to look forward to. My hubby is as fed up with the snow as I am, then tonight on his way back to the hospital he slipped on a sheet of ice and split opened the skin above his eye. He went in and had his intern throw a few stiches in it but unfortunately, he looks like someone clocked him a good one.

Oh, and did I mention that I've been applying for my own position as well? Life is busy, busy, and to be honest, I'm probably a little burned out as well.

I'm sure I will be getting my groove back soon!!