Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Who Needs a Lawyer?

After reading this story I got chill bumps. A mother feels her son has been turned down for admission into a public magnet school because of their admissions policy of racial quotas. She does not get a lawyer, but sues the school district, initially loses and appeals to the 5th circuit court. She argues the case herself and wins!!
Taking the suit pro se -- Latin for "for himself" -- the Cavaliers appealed the case to the 5th Circuit. There, Julie Ann Cavalier said, she had wanted the court to make a decision based on written briefs.

But the court requested an oral argument on the case, and on May 3, Julie Ann Cavalier made her points before the court.

"I had to present it in front of the 5th Circuit court myself. Any other situation like that, and I'd have been a nervous wreck," she said. "But I had a lot of people praying for me. It was a good experience."

Shortly after the oral arguments, the school system offered Hunter admission into Caddo Middle Magnet. The Cavaliers turned down the offer. In response, the School Board filed a motion to dismiss the appeal. The Cavaliers continued to press the case -- and the court agreed -- contending that the admissions policy is wrong.
Now THAT'S Mommy Power!! I sit here in awe!