Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Reading Between the Lines

Ralph Peters has translated UBL's latest communication with Zarqawi:
Osama's real message to Zarqawi isn't Hit America instead. It's Stop what you're doing, brother.

Our homeland will be hit again. By someone. Sooner or later, the bad guy lands a punch. Meanwhile, we should take heart from the latest evidence — delivered by Osama himself — that the cause of freedom is even more powerful than we thought, that democracy is contagious.

Osama's message to Zarqawi was one of despair — and a tribute to the millions of Arabs who are turning against his kind. (emphasis in original)
We are winning. It has been hard won with sacrifices, but do not doubt....We are winning.

Needless to say, Go read the whole thing. Peters explains how these 2 animals are different strategically and tactically.