Friday, February 25, 2005

Helping Children

The future health-care options for children in Louisiana just got a little bit better today. I've changed my sidebar recently, so many new readers may not be familiar with my personal story. The reason my husband and I came to RI was for him to receive advanced specialized training in Pediatric Surgery. We are now about to open a new chapter in our lives as we only have a short time left in New England. I am planning a series of posts concerning my time up here. I plan on writing about best vs worst experiences, most memorable moments, answered prayers, and our great friends that we've discovered.

The decision that these two surgeons have made is extraordinary. One is leaving an established practice and a newly built dream home, the other had two awesome job offers, one being with a group of 6 other pediatric surgeons in a progressive, supportive environment; and they both have left behind great jobs and chose a place where many support services are non-existent and the political environment is hostile towards their presence. The fight is public and in the papers which is a huge step forward. Now the people need to stand up and call their senators and congressmen to express their support of the new Children's Hospital. These public officials have toured the hospital and seem to be supportive, but they need to hear from the public who will benefit. I am not only addressing this to Shreveport/Bossier residents, but all Louisiana residents from Alexandria northward. Until now, there has been NO pediatric surgeons north of Baton Rouge for the entire state.

Think about this family. After you've read their story, think about how many families will not have to endure that horror with a new, fully-staffed Children's Hospital. GET INVOLVED. For once money is not the issue, just political support.

Contact your Senators and let them know you want full state political support to advance the Children's Hospital: Mary Landrieu and David Vitter