Sunday, February 20, 2005

Pact of Tin

Jack Kelly details for us the history and politics between Syria and Lebanon; then he describes how Bush is using diplomatic force to put great pressure on Iran and Syria, who are joining together. Both of these countries obviously need regime changes; Syria still the stronghold of the Baathist party and Iran oppressing their citizenry with the harsh hand of theocratic rule.

Iran, thankfully, has a strong movement from within to topple their government, I pray we are assisting them in every way. Syria has their own weaknesses as well and Kelly details some of the parallels between Syria and Saddam's Iraq.

Find out the implications of one assassination. The article really is a must read to understand the newest front of the War on Terror. Believe it or not, it has shifted from Iraq and France just may be on board with us on this one. It may very well be the catalyst to forward the murderers own political suicide and hopefully prevent any full blown American military operations. My first choice will always be for the people of any country to fight for their own preference of governance.