Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Blogger Beware

Ace has a cautionary tale that all bloggers should pay attention to. The MSM is bleeding, some would even say arterial bleeding, the kind that hits the ceiling, and they are starting to fight back. Newspapers in Oklahoma are threatening to sue bloggers who not only properly excerpt from their stories, but also provide hyperlinks back to their stories. their a Prozac shortage in Oklahoma?

I don't believe this would ever get too far. If people are not allowed to quote each other while giving proper credit to other's work, then new ideas and debate become stalled. The hypocrisy of the media, who LOVES to bring down politicians and anyone else who they deem to be public enemy number 1, is astounding.

Here's a bigger issue: Rather than donating to Andrew Sullivan's bandwidth fund so he may take a European vacation, perhaps bloggers should organize and form a Blogger Defense Fund to level the playing field with these wounded dinosaurs.

Update: Check out Wizbang's letter to the Oklahoma paper. Wizbang is more experienced with this issue and his letter is quite good.