Monday, February 14, 2005

Moonbat Math: Part 2

Mid-January I posted on Moonbat Math, uncovering the anti-racist/multicultural teaching of none other than Math. I kid you not. Here is a link to a follow up story on the same issue. (Link via The Corner)
'Anti-Racist' = 'Anti-American?'

Some parents say their students not only are in desperate need of math help but that some students also don't know the basics of U.S. history and that antiracist policies are getting in the way of teaching the basics.
No!! You don't say!!
"The 'antiracist' and, actually, 'anti-American' curriculum permeates the school environment," Lillian Benson, whose children, ages 8 and 11, attend the district's schools, told in an e-mail.

"My children do not know Christopher Columbus, except that he was a racist who caused the death of many innocents or the founders of the nation. They have hardly heard of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln even though we live in the area that began it all. What they do know about is the wonders of Ghana, Mexico and China," she said.

Another parent, Julie Agarkov says it's ridiculous that people living in the community pay top dollar so their kids can attend good public schools, yet she still pays to send her son to the Boston area's Russian School of Mathematics "to ensure that he gets a good math education."

The Russian School of Mathematics is a private, after-school math institution for kids grades K-12. Iness Rifkin, founder of the school, told that of the 700 kids now enrolled in her school, 400 of them are from the Newton district; 120 of them are middle schoolers. She began the school out of her home seven years ago with her two children and a few of their friends.

"Now, seven years later, I have 700 students, mainly from Newton public schools … I can't even accommodate all the people who want to be in the school this year," Rifkin said.
And here is what one of the proponents of 'anti-racial' math says:
"One of the ways I would apply anti-racist education to math is to ask, 'why is it that, generally speaking, white kids get better access to upper-level math learning than low-income kids and kids of color?'" Sleeter said. "[And] in what ways might math and science serve as tools for understanding and dealing with various social issues?"
See gentle reader, here is a perfect example of a dog chasing his tail, problem is, he bit his tail off a long time ago. Let me recap: Essentially what we have here is that the crazed left have infiltrated the schools to teach us all how not to be racist. So they bastardize every subject to incorporate this touchy-feely crap so that no one's feelings may ever be hurt. Because, you know, that gets them ready for real life. By doing this, they deprive all the children in public school the necessary skills of addition, subtraction, and all other math skills. Oh, that is except those pesky kids who come from a family with enough money to send them to this after-school program, where actual math takes place. So the end result by the liberals hand, is that not-so-fortunate kids get screwed and the wealthier kids get their education.

Hmmmm...What was that end result the liberals were looking for? Read that last quoted paragraph one more time. The upside for the left is that they maintain their base for another generation. All of this on your tax-dollar my friends. Money well spent? *Sigh*

The stupidity is overwhelming at times.