Sunday, January 02, 2005

Moonbat Heaven

When my husband and I were moving to Rhode Island 18 months ago, we were excited and knew at that point, we could end up anywhere 2 years from that point. We're here in RI enduring a 2 year fellowship.

We even played around with the idea of staying in New England, thinking we could send our kids to the great Universities of NE and they would have even more great opportunities than we had.

Well, after 18 months in Moonbat Land, we are no longer confused. We will be heading back, somewhere in the South, to bring up our boys in good, God-fearing country, and after reading this, they can go to any University they like....just please NOT in New England....Puhleeeaze...not anywhere in New England. (You could add California to that plea as well.)

If I had categories for my posts, this would definitely be filed under "the idiocy of man".