Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Afghans Have Done It!

Don't wait for the MSM to tell you about this story. Go read how history was made today and the first baby step was accomplished in this country's efforts to start changing the oppressive face of the middle east.
Outlining his policy to the nation, immediately after taking oath as the popularly elected head of state, he said that fighting on drug and establishing durable peace were among his agenda.

"Our principal promises are ensuring lasting stability throughout the country, elimination of poppy cultivation, fight drug trafficking, disarmament of former combatants, eradication of poverty and provision of public service," Karzai said to the Afghan nation as well the guests attending the inauguration ceremony.

"We will stand by the promises which we have made for the goodness of this nation, we will invoke Almighty Allah for his blessing and we will depend on you for courage and support," a smiling Karzai said.

"I am confident and proud that this nation is determined to rebuild Afghanistan and rebuild it fast to live in security and stand on its own feet," said the trimmed-beard Karzai attired in national dress.
Let's hope they get it right and that they remember what country secured this great new way of life for them.