Monday, October 25, 2004

UN and Hamas United Together

Once again, the United Nations exhibits tremendous disregard for sanity. I resent the fact that a dime of American tax payer money goes to this corrupt, lying, terrorist supporting, anti-semitic organization. Equally troubling is the fact we allow them to base their incompetent organization in this country. Here's one of a gazillion reasons the UN needs a complete and total overhaul:
Virtue is a demanding thing. If you've got it, you have to embrace it whole, not in half-sums. You can't be virtuous if your devotion to good works and good thoughts merely offsets a commitment to bad ones. In an extreme case, if you're a terrorist who brutally murders innocents or a sympathizer who supports such crimes, to further some political cause, you can't be held any less accountable because you help people on your "good" days.

But in employing members of Hamas as relief workers in the Mideast, the United Nations is giving these cold-blooded individuals exactly that kind of free pass -- while defending that practice in the most lackadaisical terms. Speaking to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about hiring from the ranks of Hamas, the commissioner-general of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency, Peter Hansen, said, "I don't see that as a crime." Falling just short of a "one bad apple" argument, he averred that just because someone is a member of Hamas doesn't mean they're a terrorist.(/snip)

Yes, it's possible that among these members of Hamas there are individuals who have never killed anyone, abetted in killing or even endorsed it. But this is one case in which there is guilt by association: Hamas has massacred hundreds of men, women and children and wounded thousands, many in suicide attacks. This is the organization responsible for the atrocious mass murders on buses and in nightclubs and, infamously, at a Passover seder.

In hiring members of Hamas, the U.N. gives it a made-to-order cover for its bad deeds. There are numerous documented cases in recent years of Palestinian terrorists working for the UNRWA or using its facilities and vehicles to carry out attacks.

As cited by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy's "PeaceWatch" newsletter, the UNRWA's director of food supplies for Gaza refugees, Nahed Rashid Ahmed Attalah, admitted to using his U.N. car and free travel permit to transport arms and Palestinian terrorists and make trips to Egypt, Lebanon and Syria to obtain funds to get arms to Gaza. Hamas also has a track record of using its access to civilian settings to stage meetings and recruit members.(emphasis mine)

It's time to throw these bastards out from our borders. See this post to read how inept they are at providing medical care, the one area where some people would try to defend the UNs existence.