Sunday, October 24, 2004

Kerry, Communists, and Paris

The MSM has really blurred the issue of John Kerry going to Paris in 1970 to meet with the Vietnam communists. Surprised right? Link here to see how utterly protected Kerry is with the MSM. Here's a little, but I can not do the article justice, read the whole thing. The media's and DNC's distortions of the facts are amazing to say the least. And for a moment, consider what the media coverage would be if it involved the Republican Party? It is a history lesson of 'the times' for those of us who were toddlers when these activies were underway.
Why all the obfuscation from the Kerry camp? Because his activities were not as innocent as he would like them to be remembered. The antiwar movement, broadly speaking, had two wings. To one, the war was a tragedy: America's actions were well-intentioned but misguided. To the other, the war was a crime: America's motives were less worthy of sympathy than those of its enemies. Kerry sometimes sounded as if he were in the former camp, as when he warned against being "the last man to die for a mistake." More often, he was in the latter camp, as when he accused American forces of "crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command," a kind of language he never used about the behavior of Communist forces.

America had gotten so far off track that we needed a "revolution" to recapture our founding principles, Kerry said, while also suggesting that our enemies were more in tune with those principles. Ho Chi Minh, he declared, was "the George Washington of Vietnam" who was trying "to install the same provisions into the government of Vietnam" that appeared in the U.S. Constitution.
Do you remember the frenzy the media dove into over pay stubs? It did not matter that Bush got his honorable discharge and the issue had been explored through a total of 4 elections. CBS and Rather was more than willing to throw their entire reputation down the drain for this same garbage. But Kerry gets a free pass on traveling to Paris, meeting with our enemy while at war, and slandering an entire generation of veterans. Go forth and discover the TRUTH. Spread it around if you feel inclined to do so.

UPDATE: This picture says it all.