Friday, October 29, 2004

No More Polls!!

I am getting really tired lately of all the polls. They all tend to be skewed one way or the other, and I am simply burned out on polls, videos, missing explosives, NYTs, See-BS, the spin, etc, etc... Excellent analysis of all of these issues can be found at many of the blogs linked to your right. What is a political junkie to do? I have overdosed. Plain and simple. However, feeling the need to post on something tonight, I ran across this.(HT: Blogs for Bush) Seems as though employees of the Labor Department had some extra time on their hands and ran economic data through some models to make a prediction of the election.
The Labor Department report, obtained by The Associated Press, includes an analysis of economic models that suggest Bush will beat Democrat John Kerry (news - web sites). Titled "In Focus: Predicting the Election Outcome," the memo says, "Nearly every single model has him winning."

"Some show the margin of victory being smaller than the models' inherent margin of error, while others report the lead as substantial. And this is without the consideration of a third-party candidate."

Bush's win of the popular vote could be 57.5 percent, 55.7 percent or 51.2 percent, said the paper, dated Oct. 22 and prepared by the department's Employment and Training Administration staff for the assistant labor secretary.

I hope they are correct because I am dizzy from the polls and it is time for it all to be done.