Thursday, October 28, 2004

French-Kissing Arafat

France is on top of things as usual. Link here to read of the French falling all over themselves for Arafat.
France will be always on the side of the Palestinian Authority leader Yasser Arafat, French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier declared Thursday.

"France, as I told you (Arafat) in Ramallah on June 30, will be always on your side to back your effort in favor of a just and negotiated peace," Barnier said.(/snip)

According to one of Arafat's doctors, the 75-year-old Palestinian leader is suffering from a potentially fatal blood disorder which will require more tests to determine the cause outside the West Bank, where he has been kept under virtual house arrest for the last three years.

French presidency announced on Thursday evening the leader's imminent move to Paris for treatment at the request of Palestinian Authority. He was expected to arrive in Paris on Friday.

Ahhhh yes, what an honor for France. They get to nurse a power-grabbing murderous terrorist back to health. France might even get bragging rights: "Bring us your sick, confined terrorists and we'll make them as good as new!" Unyielding support....just don't hurt us...Pleeeease.

Where I come from, "blood disorder" at Arafat's age is code for the big "C". Just as the Israelis have said. The only hope for an end to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is for Arafat to no longer be with us anymore to screw it up. This man has a tremendous amount of blood on his hands. I'm sure there will be a special place in Hell just for him, right along with UBL and all those other terrorists Israel have been shooting missiles through.

I won't be sending flowers.